Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are IM Sports?

An opportunity to compete against peers in the ASU community in a structured, safe and fun environment. IM Sports also offer opportunities for employment through numerous jobs, some which require no experience.

2. Who can participate?

Everyone with a valid AppCard. For fall and spring semesters, you must be enrolled with six or more hours and pay your student activity fee. Faculty/Staff are welcomed to participate if paying their monthly facility fee. Summer participants must have a valid, active AppCard. There are additional participation policies to help ensure fair competition.

3. What is the time commitment?

Some activities are scheduled over an extended period (four to five weeks) while others take place during one or two afternoon/evenings and some may be a weekend event. Most teams play once or twice a week, and contests are scheduled during the late afternoon and evening hours.

4. How much does it cost to participate?

You have already paid to play through paying your student activity fees. Only a FEW activities require an additional facility fee (golf & bowling for example).

5. How competitive is it?

No experience is necessary.  There are two leagues offered to meet the experience desired of each participant/team.

6. What type of sports are offered?

A mixture of team, dual/individual and special events. Team activities range from traditional sports such as flag football, basketball and volleyball to non-traditional sports such as dodgeball, ultimate frisbee and arena football. Dual/Individual sports include, but are not limited to, tennis, racquetball and badminton. Special events offered in the past have been 5K, golf and IM Championship T-Shirt design contest. Check Sports Offered to see what is currently going on!

7. Do I need my own equipment?

You do need your own personal equipment. Closed toed/heeled shoes, sleeved shirts if you are using a IM jersey, mouth piece, etc. We will provide facility space, balls, racquets, etc. You will be made aware if any additional equipment is needed (ex: golf clubs for golf are NOT provided by IM Sports).

8. Can I still play if I do not have a team?

YES! Create an account on IM Leagues and search for teams registered who have the blue "PLAYERS WANTED" button. Click on the registration button and a request will be sent to the Captain.

9. How do I sign up?

To start: visit IM Leagues , create an account then make a team in the sport you are interested in. Any additional registration information will be provided once that first step is taken! (If there is paperwork, meeting, equipment needed, etc.)

10. How can I be contacted/informed about upcoming sports or job opportunities?

Follow us on Twitter: @App_Intramurals or Facebook: Appstate Intramurals OR email and ask to be put on the announcement list. Keep an eye out for flyers in the SRC as well as announcements in school newspaper: The Appalachian.

11. What are sportmanship ratings?

Ratings given by employees and captains which encourage positive participation within the program. Ratings affect participation in post season play. If you ever have questions about your team's sportsmanship ratings, please come by the IM Sports Office in the Student Recreation Center or email:

12. Where do we play?

Mostly at State Farm Fields, Student Recreation Center, Quinn Recreation Center. Some sports require other facilities in Boone, like bowling & golf.

13. What do I win?

If you or make it to the championships and win, then you could receive the coveted IM CHAMPION Shirt!

14. What happens if my team cannot play one of their scheduled games?

Come by the IM Sports Office by 2pm the business day of the game (Fridays for Sunday games) and fill out an advanced default form. Failure to show and not default will result in a $20 forfeit fee.

15. More questions? How do you contact us? or 828-262-2100- Our offices are located in the Student Recreation Center & meetings are available upon request.

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